“I can strongly recommend iStaff Management as a valuable partner for an international business such as ours. They are truly international, down to earth and prepared to go the extra mile to satisfy a client, even a small company. We were very impressed with their efficiency, focus and ability to deliver. The overall experience was very good, the consultants readily available and responsive at all times, the candidates presented to us were a close match to our requests. Their ability to work internationally and in teams was refreshing. We would use their services with confidence on any future occasion. "

Alex W.

Industry: IT and Technology

"Unlike some recruitment agencies which employ a scattergun approach, iStaff Management’s consultants were extremely targeted. They took the time to examine exactly what we needed at the meeting, and then took no time at all to come up with the right people. We were presented with four or five candidates we then narrowed down to two, who then went through to a conference call interview with our HQ in Canada. We selected Paul, but either of the candidates could have done the job. It was incredible to be spoilt for choice when we started off wondering if we’d find one person who'd be right."

Yvonne B.

Industry: Sales and Marketing

"We needed someone with a background in majors and multinationals but with totally different experience. I was instantly impressed with the professional nature of iStaff Management’s site and with the fact that they place interims as well as permanent staff, since I believe anyone good enough and confident enough to be placed in short term projects must have top class skills."

Anil T.

Industry: Logistics

"We chose the interim management route early on to help us keep pace with our expansion plans. New challenges were on the horizon and we needed additional executive management support, fast. I was pleasantly surprised when a number of highly suitable candidates were proposed, all within a matter of days. The appointment immediately brought us new momentum and greater focus. We were delighted with their contribution."

Kathrine P.

Industry: Oil and Gas

"Yasir is a very hard working and intelligent HR consultant, who understands the need of both- employer and a job seeker and is always able to give the right advice. Dedication, knowledge, high energy level, positive attitude are just few to name. Dealing with him has made me feel secure, respected and well taken care of. Even though I personally had given up, he encouraged in several occasions me to keep going ahead and it luckily led to a great result.

It is very rare to meet someone, who picks up your calls off working hours, being trustworthy to make you comfortable to share with him, direct and honest enough to let you know that you are not suitable for certain vacancy. I am definite and have no doubt on his skills and abilities being significant enough to contribute to any organization, whose management is wise enough to hire him."

Val B.

Industry: Media and Advertising

"I joined several agencies when I moved to Canada this year. I wanted to ensure that I had work every day, a consistent rate of pay and variety in my job. Professionalism from the staff at the agency was vital for me, as well as them keeping in contact with me in a constructive, informative and productive way. The staff at iStaff Management and Arrow Professionals are truly excellent.

I am very happy with my current job, a position which I was able to get by showing my skills to the company whilst on a booking with iStaff Management. I am grateful for the hard work and standard of communication that I received from all staff. I know I will always turn to iStaff in the future for my professional needs."

Adam M.

Industry: Healthcare

"Yasir is a talented recruiter. He has an obvious passion in the recruitment function and a clear enthusiasm to learn more in the various HR field, nearby he is team player and he has what it takes to get the job done. Dealing with Yasir was very fruitful and I am sure he will keep adding a lot by recruiting more calibres and effective candidates to the different companies."

Roubi M.

Industry: Hospitality